Informatorium and the Open Area

The Open Area and Informatorium are unavailable during the epidemic!

Open Area

The Open Area in the main lobby of the Silesian Library is a place of rest and relaxation. You do not need a library card to read the books and journals on display on the shelves or to listen to audio books. Readers who are registered at the Library can also watch films and borrow books.

The Open Area offers free access to new releases (fiction, self-help books, comics, non-fiction, regional and historical literature, film and music, children’s books, audio books).

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The Reading Room provides a reference library of an informational and bibliographic nature (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, reference books), including: Bibliographic Guide (since 1990), Bibliography of Journal Contents (since 1980), Polish Literary Bibliography, Silesian Bibliography.

The reading room provides traditional bracketed catalogues – both alphabetical and systematic.

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Readers have a stand with a microfilm reader, computer stations, a stand with access to the Academica system at their disposal.

Iformatorium and the Open Area
plac Rady Europy 1, 40-021 Katowice
tel.: +48 32 208 37 40, +48 32 208 38 63

  • Online Exhibitions

    These are virtual thematic collections presenting selected stationary exhibitions or presenting library collections, including documents and objects. The collections are constantly supplemented with presentations, multimedia shows and photocasts.