Silesian Library House of Education

The branch has been functioning since April 2012. It continues the activities of the public reading room located in the modernist building of the Silesian Library at ul. Francuska 12 in the pre-war period. The idea of the House of Education is to support the integration of people of all ages, representing various environments and engaging in educational, social, artistic and cultural activities that combine literature, visual arts, architecture, film, music, design, photography and ecology.

The Silesian Library House of Education promotes a modern model of an open library, referring to Scandinavian concepts, according to which reading a book becomes one of the activities leading to the awareness of art and broadly understood humanistic reflection.

It is also a space that concentrates activities in the field of cultural animation, intended for groups and circles involved in education and dissemination of culture. The implementation of the tasks is supported not only by the permanent projects of the Silesian Library House of Education (information on the implemented educational tasks of the department can be found in the Działalność edukacyjna tab), involving educators from various fields, but also scientific conferences, meetings, artistic campaigns and other events enabling the exchange of experience between creative workers. The offer includes:

  • creative workshops covering all fields of art,
  • music concerts,
  • artistic campaigns,
  • literary, photographic, architectural and film meetings,
  • activities based on partnerships with institutions, schools, universities, libraries, NGOs.

The Silesian Library House of Education also houses:

  • Art Reading Room – a book collection intended for people interested in cultural education and animation. Apart from the collection of the Silesian Library it also contains publications (catalogues, albums, theoretical items) donated by important centres of culture and art, both local, as well as those from all over Poland and abroad.
  • ntimate Gallery – exhibitions of visual arts (painting, photography, multimedia, etc.) can be seen here, in line with the educational programme aimed at different age groups. These presentations also aim to promote the most interesting (local and national) examples of contemporary art.
  • Child and Parent Area – offers a friendly and comfortable space for parents and children, allowing them to combine play and relaxation with reading beautifully illustrated (classic and modern) books for children and teenagers.

A collection of works and studies on Arnold Zweig’s life and work is also available on site.

Silesian Library House of Education
ul. Francuska 12, 40-015 Katowice
tel.: (+48) 32 255 43 21
Monday-Thursday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

  • Online Exhibitions

    These are virtual thematic collections presenting selected stationary exhibitions or presenting library collections, including documents and objects. The collections are constantly supplemented with presentations, multimedia shows and photocasts.